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Where we explore the business of sport and the sport of business

The world of sport is a fascinating beast, from the grassroots to the very pinnacle, the journey can be long and full of highs and lows, just like the world of business. There are incredible parallels between those two worlds. This podcast aims to explore them by interviewing people from different sports and different parts of them, from players to the CEOs, we will ask the questions about their journeys, the challenges and the lessons that can be learnt and used in the world of business. 

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We aim to bring you a amazing people from the world of sport
David Moffatt

Former CEO of the Welsh Rugby Union and the All Blacks

Mark Colbourne MBE

World Record Breaking - Gold Medal Winning Paralympian

Kieth Mason

Ex-Rugby League player turned Actor and Personal Trainer

Mike Denbee

Ex-Rugby Union Player turned business dev professional

Our Latest Episode

Episode 1 - The Business of Sports Show

David Moffatt - Former CEO of the Welsh Rugby Union

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