Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1 - The Business of Sports Show

David Moffatt, Former CEO of the Welsh Rugby Union

Welcome to episode 1 of The Business of Sports Show, a show that looks at both sides of sports, from the on the field to the off field business. We have some fantastic guests lined up and we are kicking this season off with David Moffatt, former CEO of The Welsh Rugby Union. David took over as CEO of the Welsh Rugby Union and set about the mammoth task of clearing down some of the £70+ million in debts the union had, some from the build of the Millennium Stadium (now currently known as the Principality Stadium) and some from simple poor financial management. When he joined they were reporting yearly losses of around £3.4 million and by the time he left, profits in excess of £4 million – that’s some change in fortunes. Here David talks to The Business of Sports Show, about how he set about that task, what the challenges were, why he is considered a controversial figure in Wales and what he’s been up to more recently.

Episode 2 - The Business of Sports Show

Mark Colbourne MBE, Gold Medal Winning Paralympian

episode 2 with Mark Colbourne MBE, Gold Medal winning Paralympian Mark is literally the man who fell out of the sky, suffering a horrific paragliding accident that should’ve claimed his life. Instead, it left him with a broken back and unable to walk, he was airlifted to hospital, but rather than that being the end of his story, it was the start. He battled back, through dark times to not only walk about but to take up cycling, initially to raise money for the services who had saved his life and given him hope, and then professionally, becoming part of the legendary British Cycling team who roared to victory in London 2012, where Mark took gold but also broke the world record TWICE! Here Mark talks to The Business of Sports Show, that life changing moment and the long road to recovery but also the mindset it takes to be a success, on the track and off it, from working with world class coaches to becoming one himself.

Episode 3 - The Business of Sports Show

Mike Denbee, Former Professional Rugby Player

episode 3 with Mike Denbee. While studying for a degree in business management at the University of Plymouth, Mike started playing rugby for Plymouth RFC, progressing on to becoming a professional ending up playing for London Welsh as they rose to the Premiership from the English Championship, playing at the very top of English rugby. Having made the decision to retire early and take up a role in the world of business, making the transition from a pro athlete to working in business. Mike talks us through his career, the choices he had to make and the advice he would give to younger players in today’s professional game. A great chat with a top guy, who dishes out some sound advice.

Episode 4 - The Business of Sports Show

Martin Longden, Founder of Karuta Sportswear

We are kicking off episode 4 with Martin Longden, founder of Karuta Sportswear Our interview with Martin is a great follow on from episode 3 with Mike Denbee, as Martin used to be Mike’s agent. As well as being an agent to some high level rugby starts, Martin’s story starts as a talented youth footballer, being picked up by Exeter City and playing against the like of Gary Lineker, through to switching sports and playing for Bristol RFC, due to injuries his playing days were cut short and his career took a different path. Leaving the world of being a sportsperson, Martin joined the RAF as a Physical Training Instructor, where he served for several years before another change of career, this time joining the Police Force. During his time in the Police, Martin was a detective and a training officer for aspiring detectives. Martin had a varied career with one highlight being the ground commander for the Exeter bombing in which he managed and co-ordinated a covert and overt response. Whilst Martin was in the Police, he also acted as an agent to many rugby players, helping them to find clubs and taking them under his wing. After serving in the Police Force for 26 years, Martin left and eventually decided to tackle the world of sportswear, that’s when Karuta was born. Now a multi-award winning business and supplying sports clubs and organisations all over the UK, Martin and the Karuta team have built a brand and reputation many businesses would be envious of. This episode could easily be a two parter, with so much to talk about from a varied career with lots of learning and passion for his work. We will no doubt welcome Martin back for a further episode to explore!

Episode 5 - The Business of Sports Show

Sharron Davies MBE, Olympic Legend and TV Presenter

We have an amazing guest this week, an British Olympic Legend, a TV Presenter and…. a Gladiator! Get ready for this one! We have none other than Sharron Davies MBE AKA Amazon! It was amazing having Sharron on the show as her story and sporting journey is amazing, from going to her first Olympics at the age of just 13 in 1976, taking on fully developed athletes and experiencing sport at the highest level at such a young age. During the run up to the Olympics, Sharron broke both arms and still managed to train. Fast forward 4 years, several medals, including Commonwealth titles and records, Sharron took on her second Olympics. Taking Silver in the 1980s competition, coming second to Petra Schneider, who later admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs to win the gold. Even with that shocking admission, the result still stands to this day. What followed for Sharron was some time away from swimming to pursue other adventures in presenting and modelling, before a return to the pool, taking British records and picking up from where she left off, before heading to her third Olympics in 1992. Away from the pool, Sharron started to do more presenting at sporting events working with the BBC on their athletics and swimming coverage, becoming a mainstay on British sporting TV. Along with appearances on various gameshows and talk shows, Sharron took up a role on the legendary ITV programme Gladiators, becoming Amazon and chasing down contestants. Awarded an MBE in 1993 for her services to swimming, Sharron also holds the position of patron of the Disabled Sports England and Sports Aid Foundation. Our chat with Sharron covers everything from competing as a young athlete, the standards and support competitors get today, as well as the challenges that athletes face. A fantastic episode. During the interview, Sharron mentioned becoming a grandmother in Covid-19 lockdown, with her new grandaughter being born with meningitis, because of this, we are putting two links to charities, so please donate and help support